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No camels

No camels Israeli innovation News Social Awareness Israeli NGO Designs World’s First Kid-Friendly Wheelchair By Miles Rosenblatt, NoCamels June 01, 2014 We often take our ability to move from point A to point B for granted, but for 65 million […]

the right of children

The right of children with disabilities to education: A righTs-based approach  To inclusive educaTion  

An article in Yedioth

An article in Yedioth newspaper NEWS- A revolution to support disabled in less developed countries. A Hope for poor children A PLASTIC WHEELCHAIR Two Israeli entrepreneurs, ex- Keter Plastic employees, initiated an outstanding social impact project: to produce a $100 […]

Brazil news

Brazil News HELP TO THE THIRD WORLD CADEIRANTS Help to the third world cadeirants

El Al Atmospher

Rolling for a Better Life Wheelchairs of Hope is a social humanitarian project that has developed a firstof-its-kind wheelchair designed especially for children. The Israeli couple behind this ambitious project dreams of changing the lives of children in developing countries […]

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